blue portapottyThe need to use the bathroom throughout the day is something we all share. However, where you have the luxury of going isn’t always up to you. In the past, the use of porta potties was something many people were upset by. They would wait until the very last minute before they would use one – only as a last resort.

The stereotype of being dirty, smelly, and unsanitary is still there. However, these mobile bathrooms have really changed over the years. Not only do they offer a place to take care of business, they do so with some perks in place you may be surprised by. They offer a type of solution in the toilets to reduce odors.

Many of them feature air vents which allow air to fully circulate. Even if the portable potties have been sitting out there in the sunlight all day, you aren’t going to have to worry about a terrible stench. The days of holding you breathe while you used one are over! The vents can also help to let some light in so it isn’t completely dark inside.

The easier to turn lock ensures the door stays closed while you are in one of the units. On the outside, others can see it is in use as it will have a red indicator on the door. When it is available, it will have a green indicator. This is all controlled by the mechanism you turn to lock the door or to unlock it. A very clever way to know which options are open if there isn’t a line out in front of other people waiting their turn.

Sanitary efforts have also improved with this type of equipment. Some of the units have hand sanitizer in them. You can stop and clean your hands on your way out. Not everyone carries such items with them so it is a nice benefit. The thought of going about your time at the event without washing your hands isn’t one that goes over well.

There are also portable units that come with a hand cleaning station. This may be several hand sanitizer dispensers around the porta potties. Others have a mobile water faucet with soap dispensers. Either one is ideal for helping those in attendance to clean their hands after using the bathroom.

There are toilets for the disabled in porta potty format as well. Most locations offering this type of outdoor bathroom set up with have at least a couple of this style. They want to be able to accommodate those who need more room. They are large enough to get a wheelchair inside or for a second person to go in and help someone else.

Portable toilets do much more than just serve their purpose; they help to offer a sanitary way to use the bathroom when there aren’t indoor facilities. Sometimes, they are in place to take care of overflow use for people. For example, when a concert is going to be held in the park, the public restrooms there aren’t enough for that volume of people. The mobile toilets though allow it to suffice for the event.

With such information, you can relax the next time your plans involve going to a location where porta potties will be offered. Efforts have been made to improve their design, to keep them clean, and to make it a better experience. Don’t stay home because you don’t like the idea of using such a toilet. It may not be the ideal set up, but it isn’t as bad as it once was!