Outdoor eventHosting an outdoor event such as a concert, wedding, or family gathering takes plenty of planning. You want to make sure you have all of the details in place and everyone has a great time. Don’t overlook the facilities for them to take care of business though. Even if the location has a few bathrooms available, they aren’t going to reasonably accommodate everyone. You don’t want long lines of people waiting.

Port a Potties can be rented and delivered to the location for your event. This is a simple process and one your guests will appreciate. There are various styles and sizes of such mobile bathrooms so you can pick what you would like to have available. They are clean, sanitary, and they can be picked up after the event is over.

The cost of portable restrooms is far less expensive than you would think. Plan early so you have time to contact several providers. Let them know what you would like to rent, the dates, the location, and get a quote. You can also ask them any questions you may have. You may have to pay a deposit and then the balance when they are picked up.

Once you have agreed on the options and the cost, get the information in writing from the provider. This information should be very detailed including how many potties they will bring, when they will bring them, and when they will pick them up. It should include the styles of bathrooms and the cost.

It is a good idea to order at least two ADA approved toilets for the event. These are designed specifically for those with special needs. Such accommodations are important to ensure they can have access to restrooms when they need them. If it is a public event you are hosting, you are mandated by law to have ADA accessible accommodations on the premises. If it is a private event you don’t have to, but it is highly recommended.

The placement of the porta potties depends on your event and the set up for it. The size of the location can also influence where you will put them. The idea is to make them readily accessible and convenient. Placing them in several different areas can make it easier for guests to find one when they need it. They don’t want to have a long walk to get to and from a toilet.

Where you can put them can also depend on the location for the event. If you are renting a venue for your event to take place, talk to them during the early planning stages. You may need to get permission to bring the toilets in and permission regarding where they can be placed. Don’t assume you can bring in portable restrooms; be certain of it before you commit to your event being held at that particular venue.

Planning your event with portable bathrooms in place is going to take stress away. You won’t be worried about the long guest list and a limited amount of bathroom areas on the property. It can also give you more opportunities to host your events at locations you otherwise wouldn’t give a second thought!

With portable toilets for your next event, you have one less thing to worry about. Make sure there are options for people to wash their hands afterwards too. Most of the providers also offer the rental of handwashing stations so ask about them when you are shopping around for quotes. This is just one more way you can ensure everyone has a great time at your event!