Dual Handwash Station FPHW 4545

//Dual Handwash Station FPHW 4545
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Dual Handwash Station FPHW 4545

There are events where everyone’s hands need to be washed. A water source may not be available, and hand sanitizer simply isn’t enough. Enter our dual handwash station FPHW 4545. This handwash station is perfect for food and other large events, emergencies, disaster relief, concerts and more. They can be set side by side endlessly, to cater to even the largest audiences. There is nothing more satisfying than to be able to wash your hands after using a public toilet. These stations are easy to set up, and require very little maintenance.

Like the rest of our products, our handwash station is made from the highest quality materials. The sink is manufactured from 100% high density polyethylene. We then use stainless steel latches, and heavy duty foot pumps that are built to last. Aside from the sink, there is a soap pump, paper towel holder and waste bin. This unit is the complete handwashing system. This model contains a large 45 gallon fresh water holding tanks, and a 45 gallon waste holding tanks. These large tanks provide a long lasting supply of fresh water. These units stand 48″x24″x48″, and 30″ at sink level.

The foot pump system provides constant water pressure for users, but also prevents over usage. Once the pump is no longer pressed, the water will stop, preserving the fresh water for longer use.

This unit complies with hand washing codes and regulations and comes fully assembled.

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Can be stacked in multiples