Green-John® GJ350 Portable Toilet

//Green-John® GJ350 Portable Toilet
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Green-John® GJ350 Portable Toilet

Green-John®, like the Sani-John®, is built to last. It’s economical, it’s attractive, yet it’s made with high quality building materials. With a one piece aluminum door frame, 2” aluminum corners, and a double clamshell door, this model is built to last in any environment, while requiring minimum maintenance.

The dimensions for the Green-John® are 41”x41”x80”. The roof is built with light enhancing material to improve vision not only during the day, but into the evening as well.

The Green-John® comes with a 65 gallon flip top holding tank. The flip top lid is specifically designed to allow easy access to the holding tank. The flip top lid allows thorough inspection of the holding tank, and simplifies cleaning and debris removal.

What’s included with the Green-John®:

  • One urinal attachment
  • One hand sanitizer dispenser
  • One 800ml hand sanitizer refill cartridge
  • One jumbo toilet paper holder
  • One jumbo roll of toilet paper (Equivalent to five rolls of toilet paper)
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Product Description

Green-John® variations:

Trailer Mounted – We have custom made trailers created for individual Green-John® units. The

Dump Valve GJDV350 – Attached to the toilet floor is a dump valve, used for easy emptying.

Interior Sink GJ350S – The interior sink replaces the urinal (urinal is included) beside the holding tank. It has a 65 gallon holding tank with a 12 gallon sink. The sink is foot pump operated, giving users a meticulous cleaning.