Sani-Jon® SJSPCS 600 Comfort Station

//Sani-Jon® SJSPCS 600 Comfort Station
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Sani-Jon® SJSPCS 600 Comfort Station

With full covered interior walls, the Sani Jon® SJSPCS 600 simply takes the portable toilet experience one step further. Our patented comfort station is built off the Sani Jon® chasis, which means it is built to last. With a 44″x44″ base, these units are designed for comfort, and durability. The comfort station is a ground level portable toilet containing a ceramic sink and toilet, both using fresh water. No interior waste, and no chemicals, this unit is just like a regular bathroom! These units use a fresh water source, such as a garden house or water storage tank. Disposal can be via sewer, holding tank or a septic tank.

Similar to our Sani Jon® SJSDCS 520, these portable toilets are built to last. The comfort stations are built with an aluminum frame and double aluminum corners. The quality and design were developed to withstand the most grueling weather and work conditions.

Customers have the option of wood or vinyl flooring depending on preference with styling FRP interior walls. With complete walls and flooring, the Sani Jon® SJSPCS 600 looks, feels, and operates just like a real bathrrom.

What’s included with the Sani-Jon® Comfort Station:

  • One ceramic toilet
  • One ceramic sink basin
  • One sink faucet
  • One hand soap dispenser
  • One full jumbo toilet paper dispenser (equivalent to five rolls of toilet paper)
  • One paper towel dispenser
  • One mirror
  • One waste basket

Product Description

Sani-Jon® SJSPCS 600 variations:

Sani-Jon® SJSPCS 600E (Electricity Option) – For ultimate comfort, we’ve added the 600E, which can include electricity and a light.

Optional addon:

300 Gallon Holding Tank – This extra large holding tank measuring 84″x48″x18″, has abundant capacity and makes for an easy setup.